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Hunter Blows Shot On Intense, Close Range Tanzania Cape Buffalo Hunt [VIDEO]

Intense, Close Range Tanzania Cape Buffalo Hunt

This hunter is lucky enough to have Ivan Carter guiding him on his Tanzania Cape Buffalo Hunt. Watch him blow the shot on this buffalo at close range.

Tanzania has more Cape Buffalo than any other country in Africa, making for some outstanding hunting opportunities.

Hunting Cape Buffalo is an exhilarating experience and part of the challenge is getting close enough to the herd to pick out the right bull without getting spotted. Getting in close has the added benefit of giving the hunter a close range shot.

Though making a 75-yard shot on a stationary buffalo (which has a relatively large “kill zone”) sounds easy, you’d be amazed at how many hunters mess it up, like this guy.

How do you blow this shot?


This hunter is lucky that a buffalo’s liver is located on the right side of its body. Even though he pulled the shot to the left and hit further to the rear than ideal, the bullet likely hit the back of the right lung then punched through the liver into the stomach, causing debilitating damage to the liver.

Identical shot placement on the left side of the buffalo would have missed the liver and hit only a little of the lung and a lot of the stomach, which can make for a long, dangerous follow-up.

Mr. Carter did all he could and gave him a good shot on a nice buffalo at close range, but he can’t pull the trigger for the client. Fortunately, things worked out well for the hunters: the buffalo did not charge and Mr. Carter did not have to save this guy from a pissed off buffalo (unlike this guide in Alaska).

As always, shot placement is critically important. Especially when hunting dangerous game, even a small error can mean big problems.

On another note: how about the unique horns on that female buffalo in the herd? It would have been tough for me to pass her up for any bull, now matter how big.

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Hunter Blows Shot On Intense, Close Range Tanzania Cape Buffalo Hunt [VIDEO]