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Hunter Bids $100K at Auction for Idaho Bighorn Sheep Tag

Bighorn Sheep

An online bidder has secured Idaho’s bighorn sheep auction tag for $100,000 that was being auctioned at the Wild Sheep Foundation Sheep Show.

This year’s show was held in Reno, Nevada. The Wild Sheep Foundation has been hosting the annual Sheep Show for years with the weekend’s main event being the bighorn sheep tag auction. The highly coveted tag has brought in more than $1.85 million which goes towards bighorn sheep research and management in Idaho.

The $100,000 winning bid this year is the fifth highest bid ever made for the bighorn sheep tag at the annual auction. The funds will help specifically with conservation efforts by the Idaho Fish and Game Department aimed at enhancing and restoring populations of bighorn sheep throughout the Salmon River and Hells Canyon areas.

The bighorn sheep tag draws so much interest because of the lack of restrictions with it. The tag is valid throughout Idaho in all open bighorn sheep hunting areas.

Hunters who failed to score big during the auction still have another chance at a tag, however. The Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation hosts a raffle each year with hunters participating from across the country. Last year over 3,000 hunters participated. The raffle allows any individual to purchase as many tickets as they like. The drawing is held on the last Wednesday in July so you still have time to get your tickets.

These and other conservation efforts continue to help Idaho’s bighorn sheep population to return to their historical range across the state. This should continue to allow further expansion of hunting and tags for those who want the chance to hunt these amazing animals.



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Hunter Bids $100K at Auction for Idaho Bighorn Sheep Tag