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Hunter Bags Gigantic Polar Bear in Northwest Territories

Hunting this gigantic polar bear "was like looking death right in the eye,"according to hunter Bobby Gruben Jr.

According to, on sea ice approximately 375 miles north of Tuktoyaktuk in the Northwest Territories, Gruben encountered the bear after seeing and passing on several smaller polar bears. He wanted to hold out for a bigger bear and he definitely got his wish.

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In the wee hours of one morning during his hunt, Gruben was awoken by the sounds of something rummaging through the seal meat that he had left outside.

The bear, estimated to weigh close to 1,000 pounds, was only about ten feet away from Gruben. Visibility was low, but the close range allowed the hunter to make a clean kill with one shot behind the massive creature's ear.

"I looked towards my Ski-Doo," he said in the CBC piece. "I could see a giant, monster-looking bear looking right at me. It was like looking death right in the eye to tell you the truth."

Gruben mentioned that they were looking at each other from 10 feet away. He couldn't see through his scope and had to make a quick decision.

Despite the harrowing experience of being so close to such a deadly animal, Gruben is already out pursuing grizzly bears on land. The polar bear's pelt, which Gruben has already found a buyer for, could bring upwards of $15,000.

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Gruben shared the meat with his family. Needless to say, they will be enjoying that bounty for a long time to come.

If you were in this hunter's shoes, do you think you could have stayed calm and made a good shot? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Hunter Bags Gigantic Polar Bear in Northwest Territories