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Hunter Bags Giant Boone & Crockett Kentucky Buck [VIDEO]

This hunter gets a gift during Kentucky archery season.

The glory of hunting, is the fact no one knows when a Boone & Crockett buck will arrive for shot opportunity. “Drury Outdoors” presents a mammoth whitetail hunt.

Take a look at this early 2000s footage of a giant non-typical Kentucky buck.

This video gets me excited for the upcoming year. The hunter didn’t even know that deer existed before the hunt.

So don’t be down in the dumps if you haven’t laid eyes on any big bucks yet. They are out there somewhere; put in time and good things should follow.

If I had to give one tip to arrow a big buck early season, I’d suggest hunting food sources. During early season, bucks are still somewhat on a pattern for feeding. This time of the year, bucks will be the most predictable as they will be all year.

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Hunter Bags Giant Boone & Crockett Kentucky Buck [VIDEO]