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Hunter Attaches Camera to Spear, Hunts Eland [VIDEO]

Hunter uses a spear to take down a big Eland, and with a camera mounted to the spear… it’s bound to get bloody.

Check out this spear hunting video posted by worldhuntinggroup featuring Relentless Pursuit and watch as they capture numerous camera angles during this African excursion.

WARNING: Video contains graphic content.



As technology continues to advance through the years, we as hunters and outdoorsmen are able to capture and share much more than our parents or grandparents could have ever imagined.

Nowadays, we can mount a camera on just about anything, and will the help of social media,  instantly share it with the world.  The footage they were able to capture during this African spear hunting adventure is a prime example.

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Hunter Attaches Camera to Spear, Hunts Eland [VIDEO]