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Hunter and Deer Become Friends in the Field

As deer season continues, we’re always looking for great footage from the field, but we never expected to see something like this. Uploaded last night to YouTube, the video below says it was taken by an “avid hunter,” who was minding his own business looking for some bucks when a young deer decided to walk right up to him. The hunter pets the deer, which is obviously a big fan of behind-the-ear scratches, and lets it get up close sniffing his face. The deer even gets a whiff of his rifle for a second, completely unfazed, and begins to nibble on his gun strap like a piece of jerky. The absurdity of it is only matched by its adorableness.

At one point, the hunter even mumbles to himself: “I [could] never believe this in all my years.”

Enjoy the video below:

Have you ever had a deer walk right up to you like this? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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Hunter and Deer Become Friends in the Field