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The Hunt for “Rambler,” the Illinois Buck with Half Antlers

Illinois buck

An Illinois buck, nicknamed Rambler, recovered from an antler injury to become an impressive trophy.

Patience is a very important trait to possess when it comes to being a successful hunter. Whether it be waiting for the perfect time to pull the trigger or for a certain buck to wander under a stand, patience often leads to fruitful, and memorable, hunts.

Take the story of Rambler the Illinois buck for example. Rambler, given that name for his frequent wanderings over a large plot of land, was a three-year-old buck in 2008. Despite having a nice rack on one side, the other side was much smaller. However, signs were present on this Illinois buck for hunters to be confident that his deformed rack was due to injury and not genetics.

Had it been due to genetics, the hunters would have harvested Rambler in 2008 to preserve the integrity of the local herd. Instead, the hunters displayed patience and waited for the 2009 season to check back on Rambler’s progress. It was a good thing they did and you’ll see why in the video below.

The story of Rambler the Illinois buck is a great example of why patience is a trait that all hunters should strive to perfect.


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The Hunt for “Rambler,” the Illinois Buck with Half Antlers