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Why You Should Hunt in Pairs

Hunt in pairs and you’ll quickly realize the benefits.

Hunting is typically a solo sport. We head for the woods or fields to leave the noise and intrusion of crowds behind.

There is something incredibly therapeutic about being alone in the wilderness with just a weapon and your own skill. Nothing can compare to the feeling of solitude and relaxation that comes with a solo hunt.

However, there are times when it is beneficial to grab a hunting buddy and head for your favorite hunting spot.

Finding a great hunting partner can often turn an unsuccessful hunting venture into a successful one with just a few simple hunting buddy techniques.

Split Up

It may sound confusing to say hunting with a buddy is beneficial if you split up, but hunting this way is an amazing method for bringing down big bucks or giant tom turkeys.

Hunting a few hundred yards away from your buddy (in a safe direction, of course), means you are covering twice the territory you normally would and you aren’t trying to get that elusive buck or tom to show himself on just one ridge or field.

Splitting up puts the double coverage on a hunting area and this can work great when you know you’re being outsmarted by a nice old buck that keeps traveling on that next ridge or field over.

Of course, hunting in pairs also works great when you actually hunt together as well. You do have twice the movement, scent, noise, and chance of being busted to deal with, but you also have the huge advantage that comes with another set of eyes and ears.

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If you’re careful, you can execute mini deer drives. Or, one of you can call an elk, deer or turkey while the other waits for the shot.

This is effective but can be extremely dangerous. Before attempting these tactics with your buddy, make sure you both fully understand which direction he or she is going to be, whether they will move a significant about, and where you can or cannot shoot.

Helping Hand

Successful buddy hunts are all about timing, wind direction, and choosing the right spot to set up. Work out those details properly and it won’t take long to push a nice buck or tom into just the right spot.

After you bag your game, you can return the favor and help your drive buddy get his own big buck.

It’s no secret – deer and turkeys are smart. They can pattern a hunter just like a hunter uses trail cams and scouting to pattern them.

In order to surprise that wise old tom or giant buck, it is necessary to find a way to break the cycle of his expectations.

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Arguably, one of the biggest benefits to hunting with a buddy is that you have someone to help get that big deer or tom out of the woods or fields and into your truck.

It’s not difficult to carry a nice tom to your truck alone, but when it comes to gutting and dragging a deer out of the woods, doing it alone is challenging to say the least. Hunting with a buddy gives you an extra set of hands to get that animal out of the woods.

When it’s cold and miserable outside, that reason alone is enough to think about taking a friend along on your next hunt.

Hunt in pairs, and you’ll find it can be every bit as rewarding and relaxing as a solo hunt. The fact that doing so might make the difference between success and failure is just an added bonus.


Featured image via Huntworth Gear

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Why You Should Hunt in Pairs