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The Hunt for the Majestic Sable Antelope [VIDEO]

The breathtaking sable antelope looks like something from a fantasy.

This majestic creature inhabits the wooded savannah in east Africa, south of Kenya, and South Africa. A lucky hunter on African safari took home an incredible trophy when he snagged this enormous sable antelope.

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Experience the excitement of the hunt for this elusive creature.


The striking, regal sable antelope is one of the most prized trophies to come out of South Africa. The bulls make for particularly good shots during the rut season, when they're distracted by thoughts of dazzling does.

The sable's sheer size and alluring scimitar horns make for an awe-inspiring trophy, which makes it a very popular hunt.

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The Hunt for the Majestic Sable Antelope [VIDEO]