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This Is Why We Hunt Coyotes [VIDEO]

When people ask why we hunt coyotes, it is because of scenes like this.

Coyotes have major impact on all prey species and must be managed accordingly.

Watch this video and see one unlucky doe get taken down by two coyotes.

As an outdoorsman, I can tell you of all of my personal experiences with coyotes. I have witnessed the aftermath of game species of all sizes taken down by these predators.

Sure coyotes may pick the sick and weak but they also will take down full-size game in their prime. Coyotes will pack up into a miniature wolf pack to accomplish big game.

They also eat pets, garbage, livestock and crops. Coyotes are opportunists and scavengers.

On occasion they will attack humans. This is why we need to hunt coyotes and instill a fear in them for humans.

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This Is Why We Hunt Coyotes [VIDEO]