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How To Hunt Coues Deer [VIDEO]

how to hunt coues deer

Here’s how to hunt Coues Deer in the Sky Islands of Arizona from expert Steve Rinella.

There are many parts about this hunt that make it challenging. This video explains the best strategy to learn how to hunt Coues Deer.

From really rough terrain to excellent camouflage, these Coues Deer are sure to be one of the most difficult deer to hunt. Listen to expert Steve Rinella and local hunter Cody Nelson discuss the best strategy to hunt Coues Deer in the Sky Islands of Coronado National Forest.

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It might take several trips and many hours to hunt down one Coues Deer, but it is an opportunity given to few. This is an excellent challenge for the avid hunter who is looking for a unique hunt.

Tip: Make sure to find a local expert to help you out and give you hunting advice. This will save you from making too many trials and errors. They’ll also know what to look for so you’ll have an increased likelihood of a successful hunt!

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How To Hunt Coues Deer [VIDEO]