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Hunt Chuck Norris’ 1,000-Acre Ranch for a Great Cause


American icon Chuck Norris is auctioning off a chance to hunt his huge ranch among other prizes at an upcoming gala for his Kickstart Kids Foundation.

On May 13, Chuck and Gena Norris will hold their 23rd annual Kickstart Kids Gala in Houston, Texas, to support their foundation, the Kickstart Kids Foundation. The prices auctioned off include a chance to hunt his incredible 1,000-acre ranch, a Chuck Norris tribute pistol, and two tickets to Super Bowl 51 that will be held in Houston.

As WND reported, the entire gala will benefit their foundation that works to provide support for middle-school kids. This support system includes tools “necessary to build self-esteem, resolve conflicts, avoid bullying or participating in gangs, choose a drug-free lifestyle, resist negative peer pressure and remain in school until they graduate.”

The Norrises work hard to give back to kids in at-risk communities in the Houston area and the Kickstart Kids Foundation is the catch-all umbrella for this mission. Over the past 23 years, the program “has expanded to 52 schools across Texas and has over 8,000 students in the program.”

As Chuck Norris told WND, “The gala is a fun, multi-faceted special annual event that Gena and I host to thank loyal donors and meet some new potential supporters. The gala also highlights a special Kickstart Kids martial arts demo…and includes a student testimonial on how the program has impacted their life.”

Tickets are still available for the event and can be found here.


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Hunt Chuck Norris’ 1,000-Acre Ranch for a Great Cause