Hungry Sharks are Stealing North Carolina Fishermen's Catch [VIDEO]

These Outer Banks fishermen are getting tired of feeding hungry sharks.

The rise in the number of shark attacks in North Carolina isn't the only problem these hungry sharks are causing. Fishermen say that up to two thirdsĀ of their catch is being eaten by sharks and sometimes they are reeling in just the heads.

Fisherman Glen Hopkins said, "It's really heart wrenching when you catch a $1,000 fish, and you can't get it to the boat. It's nothing but a chunk of mangled up meat."

Watch the video to see the impact these hungry sharks are having for yourself.

Fishermen are blaming the high number of hungry sharks on shark fishing regulations put in place years ago that strictly limit the number of sharks that can be taken from North Carolina's coastal waters.

When asked about swimming off the coast of North Carolina's Outer Banks, Hopkins said, "You won't see me in the water."

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