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Hungry Osprey Snatches Two Trout at Once from a Stream


This osprey is definitely better at fishing than you.

A photographer in Finland has captured some photos that are arguably the shots of a lifetime. Igor Shilokhvost had to wait for hours hoping to capture a shot of an osprey snagging a trout from a stream. The shots he got were even better than he could have hoped for. The osprey grabbed not one, but two rainbow trout at the same time, one in each talon.


“The birds are not sitting around, they came to the place specifically to take a fish,” Shilokhvost told the Daily Mail.


Because the birds are so fast, and because they often have many unsuccessful hunts before a successful one, it makes Shilokvost’s photos all the more amazing. The amateur photographer had to have an unbelievable amount of patience in order to capture the amazing shots.


“I usually sit in the hide waiting for an osprey from 5 or 6 a.m. in the morning until 8 or 9 p.m. in the evening,” he told the Daily Mail. “You never know when a bird is coming, from what direction it attacks and to what direction it takes off, so you need to try to get every dive.”

So there you have it. Humanity may have all the technology and gadgets in the world to help us fishing, but it goes to show we can’t beat nature when it comes to being the most talented at fishing.

Images via the Daily Mail.

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Hungry Osprey Snatches Two Trout at Once from a Stream