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A Hungry Mountain Lion May Be the Culprit in an Arizona Dog's Death

Arizona Game and Fish officers believe that a hungry mountain lion may have killed and eaten a dog in Mesa, Arizona.

This isn't the first time a hungry mountain lion has shown up in a residential neighborhood, but it's got the citizens of East Valley concerned.

The mountain lion is believed to have scaled a large wall before killing and eating a dalmatian. However, there were no witnesses and the scene of the incident leaves room for doubt as to what did the dalmatian in.

Darren Julian, an urban wildlife specialist with Arizona Game and Fish, said, "Unfortunately, the reality with this scenario was that there was a lot of blood all over."

Julian and other officers believe the dog was a victim of a hungry mountain lion because the heart, lungs, and chest cavity were consumed first which is inconsistent with the feeding habits of a coyote.

Cindy Berenter, a resident of the neighborhood who owns a dog of her own said,

We live in a suburban area. It kind of surprised us that with all of this activity and people here all the time that a mountain lion came that close to us. They've gotta survive, I just don't want them to survive at my dog's expense. I'm optimistic that it was an isolated incident but if it happened once certainly a possibility it could happen again.

This hungry mountain lion is just another example of what can happen when people and their pets live in close proximity to large predators. Pet owners like Berenter should be extra mindful about their pets to avoid having them become a mountain lion's meal.


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A Hungry Mountain Lion May Be the Culprit in an Arizona Dog's Death