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Hungry Great White Shark Bites Boat Motor Making for a Scary Moment

A great white shark circles the boat and tries to please his appetite with the boat motor.

What would you do if a great white shark circled your boat and bit your motor, and then circled back and came at you?

Yup, you guessed it. Fire up the boat and find another spot.

According to a Mirror article, the 13-foot great white had been following and hassling the boat all day. Adon Samoilenko decided to start filming the scenario and at that time, the shark circled right to the boat.

Soon into the video, the shark emerges out of water and takes a small bite at the boat's motor. The other boater begins to say he thinks they should move on.

The shark then dives deep after swiping at the back of the boat and its outline becomes blurry in the deep ocean blue. After a short time, the shark emerges into the frame more clearly and surfaces out of the water right by the boat.

Frightened, Adon backs up in fear and says "Time to go!" And for good reason, the boat seems to be rather small for what the circumstances were.

Not sure any boat would be big enough for me if I had an angry and curious great white following me.

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Hungry Great White Shark Bites Boat Motor Making for a Scary Moment