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Washington Family Discovers ‘Prowler’ in Backyard Is a Hungry Black Bear [VIDEO]

A Washington family was surprised to find the prowler outside their home was actually a hungry black bear.

It’s that time of year when bears start packing on the pounds for their winter hibernation. Sometimes they wander onto human property to look for a quick meal, much like the hungry black bear that startled a Washington family over the weekend. The family’s security system captured footage of the bear nonchalantly stealing garbage out of a trash can outside the home.

This bear is clearly a professional. In the video, the bold bruin easily maneuvers the trash can, steals a bag of garbage and casually strolls down the driveway like there’s nothing to see.

“He looked so comfortable,” Tyson Grumm, the homeowner told KBOI2. “It looked like he’d done it everyday, like he came for his lunch.”

Washington Fish and Game Sgt. Kim Chandler saw the security footage and saw something he recognized.

“That is an ear tag and a collar,” said Sgt. Chandler, “He’s a frequent flier. I know this guy.” Sgt. Chandler believes the bear is “Napster”, a bruin the department has already caught and released for being problematic. He said wildlife officers won’t put the bear down unless it becomes a public safety issue.

Here’s more about the story from KBOI2’s report that recently aired.

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Washington Family Discovers ‘Prowler’ in Backyard Is a Hungry Black Bear [VIDEO]