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Hundreds of Dead Carp In California's Kings River

Hundreds of dead carp recently turned up dead in a popular fishing spot along the Kings River near Fresno, California. Local anglers are wondering what happened.

KFSN-TV reported that Fish and Game officials believe the fish likely died from low levels of dissolved oxygen in the water. According to wildlife officials, the recent drought in the area lowered water levels in Kings River, which forced the fish to crowd into one area with the highest water level. The high concentration of carp in one spot likely lowered the levels of dissolved oxygen that the fish need to breath in their gills. Wildlife officials are ruling out the possibility of poison or pollution in the water as causes of death.

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Aside from the unsightly hundreds of dead carp floating on the water's surface, there's a horrible odor that's now permeating the air around the fishing spot.

"Oh it was horrible," said local fisherman Chango Thao. "Just the stench of it, I couldn't stick around too long. Getting home I still smelled it in my nose, seriously."

Thao uploaded a video of the dead fish to Youtube earlier this month, which brought some local media attention to the situation. Here's Thao's video.

Wildlife officials plan to do some more testing, but they are confident the low levels of dissolved oxygen were the cause of death.

This winter we have reported on two similar incidents at popular fisheries in Nevada and Minnesota. The most recent was at a marina near Reno, where nearly 100,000 fish died from low oxygen levels in the water. Another fish kill occurred at a popular urban fishing lake in Minnesota where a number of fish species turned up dead in the frozen pond and floating on the surface of the water.

Have you experienced any fish shortages, or accumulating dead fish in your area? Share your story in the comments.

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Hundreds of Dead Carp In California's Kings River