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Humpbacks Feeding Close Up in Alaska Gets Boater Super Excited [VIDEO]

Up Close And Personal Video Of Humpback Whales Bubble Net Feeding In Alaska

This lucky boater happened to be in the perfect position to take this incredible video of some humpback whales bubble net feeding off the coast of Alaska.

Summer in Alaska is the perfect time to see humpback whales. These boaters got to see whales bubble net feeding on some herring very close.

Bubble net feeding is when a group of whales blow a ring of bubbles around a school of bait fish. They use the bubbles to herd the fish into a small area near the surface.

Once the fish are compressed into a small area, the whales all swim upwards through the net with open mouths and swallow thousands of the confused herring. As you can see, getting to see a group of humpback whales bubble net fishing, especially this close, is extremely impressive.

Warning: this video contains some foul (though hilarious) language.

Is that awesome or what? I probably would have been just as excited as this guy if that had happened to me.

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Humpbacks Feeding Close Up in Alaska Gets Boater Super Excited [VIDEO]