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Humpback Whales Play with Boaters Almost Too Closely

What started out as a prawn fishing trip turned into an amazing humpback whale encounter for a family in Canada.

Kyle Noble and his family were fishing for prawns near Gabriola Island, one of the Gulf Islands in the Strait of Georgia in British Columbia, when the two humpbacks decided to get close to the 24-foot boat.

What happened next was a closer encounter than experienced on most whale watching trips.

Obviously, the family was a little nervous with the massive humpback whales going under the boat. Even the family dog gave a little warning growl.

Noble says that the whales even rubbed up against the boat at one point.

“They were playing hide-and-seek with us,” Noble says. “They kept up popping up on different sides of the boat. They were within inches of us. We could have reached down and touched them.”

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Humpback Whales Play with Boaters Almost Too Closely