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Humpback Whale Breaches Close to Boat, Freak Out Ensues [VIDEO]

A father, his son, and a friend went fishing in the Long Island sound for one of the young boy’s ninth birthday. It won’t be the fish they remember from this trip though.

Chris Curran of Darien, Connecticut said this of the encounter: “I blasted out full speed and we came onto some birds diving for minnows, which we thought were albacore,” he said. “I’d never seen this healthy of an ecosystem in the [Long Island] sound before. There was bait fish, blue fish [and] albacore.”

Not long after stopping, the boys began shouting about seeing something in the water.

“The two boys were going crazy and said ‘We saw a killer whale. We saw an orca,'” Curran said, laughing. “I said ‘Guys, I don’t think there’s been a whale here in 100 years.”

Then it happened, the humpback whale surged out of the water and into the air, showing its whole body and most of the tail. Curran missed the initial encounter but at this point began filming in hopes of another breach.

It wasn’t long before he was able to capture this amazing video as well as the face of his son who, no doubt, was mystified by the encounter.

“It’s definitely one of the most incredible things I’ve witnessed in my life. I’ve been on a high all week. The boys, they can’t stop talking or thinking about it. They saw something they’ll never forget.”

Curran was able to document three different videos of the whale breaching during the trip.

There have been no documented sightings of a humpback whale in the area where the group was fishing, based off records going back to 1976.

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Humpback Whale Breaches Close to Boat, Freak Out Ensues [VIDEO]