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Humminbird 688 CI HD Fish Finder Set to Rock the Ice Fishing World


As the ice fishing season continues, you may be looking for an edge to finish out your hard water season strong.

Humminbird has introduced a new fish finder specifically for ice fishing that will help you do more catching on the ice, rather than just fishing.

The new ICE 688ci HD Combo combines three technologies that help find fish: high-speed LCD flasher, Precision GPS and Humminbird LakeMaster charts.

The new ICE 688ci HD Combo features all of Humminbird’s fish-finding power in one unit, plus faster processing, improved screen brightness and functionality optimized for the rigors of ice fishing.

The ICE 688 features a high-speed LCD with digital depth read-out. The Precision GPS helps you find and return to productive spots. Optional Humminbird LakeMaster charts provide structural detail of fish-holding locations.


688ci HD Ice Fishing Combo

  • Ultra-bright 5-inch, 256-color, 640H x 640V HD display for easy viewing, even in harsh sunlight
  • DualBeam PLUS w/SwitchFire sonar; up to 8x zoom in graph mode
  • Graph mode allows review of jigging/fish-finding history
  • Maximum depth: 1000 feet
  • Power: 4000 W (PTP); 500 W (RMS)
  • Included XI 9 20 transducer (with MHX ICE hardware and float): 200kHz / 20 degrees; 83 kHz / 60 degrees
  • 2x Dynamic Zoom in digital flasher mode
  • Digital flasher in three different color palettes, including Humminbird’s exclusive 6-color palette, a must-have for fishing shallow weeds
  • Target Line Depth Marker, which can be set to identify any depth in the water column
  • Internal Precision GPS
  • Built-in Humminbird UniMap base maps
  • Single card slot/upgradeable software
  • Humminbird LakeMaster chart compatibility, including AutoChart
  • Quick Disconnect bracket mount
  • Optional ATV/snowmobile RAM mount
  • Optional vehicle windshield RAM mount
  • Convert to warm water use with optional portable transducer

Before the ice fishing season melts away, this just might be the hardware you need for a final, successful push on the ice.

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Humminbird 688 CI HD Fish Finder Set to Rock the Ice Fishing World