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You Want This New Huk Kryptek Series Fishing Apparel [PICS]

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The Huk Kryptek Series is a whole new ballgame in fishing apparel.

If you’re an angler, you know Huk Gear. Their clothing line appears on fishing shows, social media, and tournaments. Professional fishermen from around the world, like Kevin VanDam, wear their gear.

In a short time, this outdoor apparel company launched itself to the top of the fishing industry. That means you know Huk is for real because it’s always hard to stay on top.

However, the new Huk Kryptek series was launched at ICAST 2015, and you can bet Huk Gear isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The company had incredible success with the Huk ICON Performance series, which featured both long sleeve and short sleeve shirts. They followed up with a new color pattern they call “kryptek.”

It’s no secret the kryptek pattern is infiltrating the hunting world. This new design has now entered the fishing industry.

Kryptek ICON Neptune

The new Huk Neptune is available in short and long sleeve options.

Huk ICON Typhon

Like all other Huk ICON apparel, these are made out of moisture-wicking fabric and have a mesh vent in the back. They are more stain resistant than other shirts, and a small amount of spandex keeps things flexible.

Huk ICON Yeti

The most important feature of these performance shirts isn’t the great color patterns or the moisture-wicking fabric, which enables you to fish all day and stay cool. It’s the SPF protection to keep the sun off your skin.

Huk ICON Pontus

These aren’t your typical fishing shirts. Thankfully, Huk changed the way most people view fishermen, especially by the clothes they wear.

If you are serious about fishing, do yourself a favor and order one of these before the summer is over. They are brand new shirts, so the company will begin shipping the first orders July 21 to 28.

Welcome to your new favorite fishing shirt.

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You Want This New Huk Kryptek Series Fishing Apparel [PICS]