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Huk Gear: The New Definition of Fishing Apparel [PICS]

Photos via Brad Smith and Mike Malchow

You shouldn't go fishing without wearing Huk.

Recently, I went on a search for clothes to wear in the sun while I'm out fishing. I spend a majority of the warmer months on the water searching for fish and the sun has started to become a problem. You see, I have been diagnosed as high risk for skin cancer. In fact, a doctor actually told me I should never go outside again without giving heavy consideration to the sun. That's pretty bad news for a fisherman. Fortunately, Huk has come to my rescue.

Because of the amount of fishing that I do, I'm always in search of different clothes to wear while out in the sun. Huk offers stylish long sleeves, short sleeves, bottoms, foul weather, and performance styles of clothing. These shirts are also incredibly lightweight, with SPF protection, and designed to keep you cool while fishing on hot days.

These shirts also look good, trust me. I've searched for a lot of fishing apparel and it's hard to not look like an old man or a backwoods idiot while out on the water.

Mike Malchow
Mike Malchow

Huk Gear is a relative newcomer to the fishing industry. In fact, Huk Performance Fishing launched just last year at ICAST 2014 along with their sister brand, Spanish Fly. Since then, they now sponsor Kevin VanDam, Skeet Reese, and Gerald Swindle, just to name a few. They even have their own fishing show on the Sportsman Channel. Do you know why they are experiencing all this success? Their gear is that good.

On a recent trip to Colorado, the Huk Ragalan was perfect for the warmer afternoons when the sun rose past the mountains, but also a great under layer as the sun began to set. For anyone who has fished at higher elevations, you know the sun is a little more intense. For a guy that is scared to death of skin cancer, it's awfully nice to fish comfortably, stylishly, and most importantly, in peace.


If you have found yourself looking for your next favorite fishing shirt, it may be a good idea to follow Huk on their Facebook page. They offer a lot of specials and weekend-only events where you might be able to get lucky and find what you want at a discount. Otherwise, just go here. You will be glad you did.

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Huk Gear: The New Definition of Fishing Apparel [PICS]