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Huge Tuna Found by Kayakers in Cornwall [VIDEO]

A group of kayakers stumbled upon a huge tuna off the southwest coast of the UK.

Hauling in a tuna this big can be a real job, but when the fish is already dead and floating it’s slightly easier.

That’s what a group of female kayakers learned after discovering this giant while on vacation, according to

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The fish was around 7 feet long and likely close to 300 pounds.

Kingsand, a popular Cornish beach destination, was where the tuna was found, and it drew the attention of Claire Wallerstein, a volunteer strandings recorder for the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, among other onlookers.


“Someone came to my house to tell me there was a dead dolphin on the beach,” Wallerstein told the BBC. “They were coming out of the sea with this huge monster, but then I could see it was a tuna.”

Most in the area had never seen such a fish, and it quickly gathered a crowd, including several men who were needed to lift it ashore. To see more video from the actual scene, check out this one uploaded by one of the kayakers, but be warned; there’s some strong language in the clip.

Unfortunately for the kayakers, tuna is illegal to catch or sell from British waters.

The fish was reported to authorities and taken to the nearby University of Exeter where it will be tested and studied for educational purposes.


Images via Claire Wallerstein/BBC

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Huge Tuna Found by Kayakers in Cornwall [VIDEO]