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Huge Tarpon Fight in a Kayak Goes Wrong [VIDEO]

Yak Motley is an adventurous kayak fisherman who centers most of his activities around the Gulf Coast of Florida. He recently hooked a huge tarpon and the fight was, without a doubt, adventurous.

Motley is the type of guy that likes to not only share his adventures, but to teach others in the process.

In this episode on his YouTube channel, Yak shows us how to apply maximum pressure to a huge tarpon; or maybe just past maximum pressure – you decide.

Now that’s what I call putting the heat to the fish. He was lucky the fight seemed to have been almost over when his rod snapped in two, or that huge tarpon would have surely escaped.

It was also nice to have a cameraman buddy there to capture that epic fight. Nicely done, Yak! Oh, and sorry about the rod.

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Huge Tarpon Fight in a Kayak Goes Wrong [VIDEO]