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Huge Spiny Butterfly Ray Caught at Night [VIDEO]

John Skinner

Some folks like moonlit walks on the beach. John Skinner loves moonlit beaches too, it’s just that instead of walking, he prefers to be hooked up and fighting big fish, like this massive spiny butterfly ray.

Night fishing has a mystery all its own. Even familiar places seem new and strange.

This particular evening John Skinner decided to do something a little different and soak some cut bait off the beach.

See the record-book-sized beast  that was on the prowl that night and took him 45 minutes to battle onto the sand.

What a monster of a fish! And within a stone’s throw of the beach!

John’s catch is a great reminder of the potential in just getting out and being ready for anything. He wasn’t targeting the ray, nor a fish approaching that size, but because he ventured out that evening to put a line in the water, he ended up being at the right place at the right time.

See him land a big flounder from the beach here.

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Huge Spiny Butterfly Ray Caught at Night [VIDEO]