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Huge Record Burbot Has Been Caught in Ontario


This record burbot is a giant! 

Eighteen year old Landan Brochu from Thunder Bay, Ontario has caught a burbot of epic proportions. While ice fishing on Jessie Lake, near Nipigon, Ontario, he set hooks into a fish that he at first thought was a big lake trout. However, once the burbot made an appearance through the hole in the ice, Brochu knew he had a possible record.

In this news report, you can hear how it all went down in Brochu's own words.

"I'd caught a 12-pounder the other weekend and this one topped it for sure," Brochu said in an interview.

After official measurements were taken, the now pending Ontario record burbot stretched out to 37 inches long with a 22 inch girth. It weighed in at an impressive 16.8 pounds. With a weight of that caliber, it beat out the previous Ontario record standing since 2003, by nearly one pound.


Despite Brochu's impressive haul, it is still a long way away from the biggest burbot ever caught. The world record burbot, caught out of Saskatchewan, weighed in at at just over 25 pounds.

As of today, this record fish is still pending official certification. Regardless if it is actually confirmed by Canadian authorities, Brochu still plans to have his burbot mounted.


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Huge Record Burbot Has Been Caught in Ontario