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Huge Pike Puts up Amazing Aerial Fight [VIDEO]


Watch this huge pike take flight as it slams up out of the water during this fight.

Pike can grow to enormous sizes and are extremely aggressive hunters. They are known to put their size and weight to good use when trying to escape after being hooked. Apparently they aren’t scared to leap from the water when necessary to make their getaway either.

This guy is floating down a shallow river way, fly fishing the banks for hiding pike. He gets a nice fight when a very large pike takes his bait and ferociously fights back. The pike tries jumping clean out of the water to try to escape his attacker.

I have seen a lot of fish jump out of the water during the fight to reel them in. This isn’t something you really see pike do that often. Most prefer to try to dive deeper, rather than try the latter and head above the surface.

I’m just glad that Nature Freakz caught all that on camera, as well as some got some very nice underwater shots of the fish after releasing it. Hopefully that big boy got some rest after leaping like that before heading back out on the prowl again.

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Huge Pike Puts up Amazing Aerial Fight [VIDEO]