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Huge Muskie Comes Out of Northwest Pennsylvania [PICS]

Huge muskie caught by Nicholas Colangelo in northwest Pennsylvania
Facebook/Nicholas Colangelo

Catching a huge muskie is something that most fishermen may spend a whole lifetime pursuing. For Nicholas Colangelo, it is just another day out fishing.

Colangelo and his friend Luke Wholey were out ice fishing when the monster hit this past Monday. The fish stretched the measuring tape to 53 inches. Describing the catch, Colangelo said that the “weight was unbelievable, I’ve caught a lot of muskies, but never felt anything like this.”

Fishing for muskie is a part of fishing that is growing lately. Most anglers dream of catching a fish like this, but almost as impressive as the big fish is the fact that Colangelo and Wholey caught four muskies on that fishing trip. The guys seem to know what they are doing out there.

Huge muskie held by the two anglers
Facebook/Nicholas Colangelo

The two guys are dedicated to breaking the Pennsylvania state record which is from 1949. That record fish weighed a whopping 54 pounds.

This fish was carefully released because Colangelo believes strongly in catch and release to let these fish grow and contribute their genetics to the next generation of fish. He says that:

These big fish are so rare, and so old, it’s really important that we let them go.

He goes on to say that “in three to five years, this fish could break the state record.”

To catch the huge muskie, the two anglers used a three-inch shiner and fished for 18 hours while staying out overnight in their ice shack. The fight went on for close to half an hour. When the big fish finally came up, they were nearly unable to get it through their 10-inch hole in the ice. The girth on this fish is what is most impressive.

Huge muskie through the hole in the ice
Facebook/Nicholas Colangelo

For now, the two anglers plan on continuing their tradition of muskie Mondays. If their luck continues, we may be hearing about a new Pennsylvania state record muskie soon.

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Huge Muskie Comes Out of Northwest Pennsylvania [PICS]