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Huge Marlin Vs. Dorado Battle Caught On Camera [VIDEO]

Check out this showdown between a huge marlin and a dorado fish caught on camera by an angler in Costa Rica.

Capt. Mark Garry was trolling for sailfish on his boat near Los Suenos, Costa Rica when he captured the incredible showdown. In the video, you'll see a huge huge marlin beat around dorado fish, also known as mahi mahi. The monster-sized marlin, which Garry estimates between 500-600 pounds, gives the dorado a pretty good beating with its bill.

"We showed the video to a bunch of seasoned Costa Rican fishermen, and they never saw anything like it,"Garry wrote on his YouTube page. "Obviously neither did we." At the 2:00 marker you can see the huge marlin breech the water and spear the dorado.

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Garry said that in the last glimpse he saw of the two fish, the dorado was on the tail of marlin. "I guess that's the furthest place from his bill!" said Garry.

Marlin are among the most prized catches for offshore sport fishermen. They are fast, powerful and elusive fish that have a reputation for giving anglers a good run for their money. Huge marlin can be found in tropical waters in regions like Costa Rica.

Have you ever seen a marlin this big? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Huge Marlin Vs. Dorado Battle Caught On Camera [VIDEO]