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Huge Coyote Could Be Largest Ever Caught on Camera

Have a look at this monster coyote taken out with a head shot.

The host of Primal Rights Predator Management puts the hurt on this coyote from a great shooting position and fantastic view. No ground shrinkage here on this big predator.

Check out the girth on this coyote as it approaches the predator calling, this is one big dog.

That was one great shot with a tricked out predator gun, high velocity ammo and one big coyote. This one could potentially be one of the largest coyotes caught on camera and bagged by a hunter.

Predator hunting is a blast, and has one heck of an open season in most areas. Take a true test in marksmanship and field craft and get out coyote hunting. You’ll be doing farmers and nature a good turn.

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Huge Coyote Could Be Largest Ever Caught on Camera