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Huge Buck Taken on Public Hunting Land in Georgia

Joey Bickford of Valdosta, Ga. made the most of his name being drawn for a quota hunt and takes home a trophy buck.

It may seem rare that community plots prove to be successful hunting territories. This time, though, public hunting land in Georgia turns up a huge buck. Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge, located in central Georgia, offered Joey the opportunity to take down a dream buck. Joey didn’t miss.

Estimates suggest that the 16-point, non-typical whitetail will likely score in the 180s when the official measuring is completed. The deer’s rack had a third beam measuring 20 inches.

Joey’s hunting buddy, Johnny Porter, first relayed the hunting to the press. Johnny, who was also on the hunt with Joey, recalls that originally Joey hadn’t the slightest clue just how massive this deer really was. The lucky hunter spotted the deer chasing a doe and, after losing sight of him temporarily, decided to take a shot at the deer head-on, targeting his chest area.

Johnny explains:

When Joey got down to check out the buck, he discovered that his .270 bullet hit the buck in the center of its right eye and exited the center of its right ear canal. One-inch farther to the left, and he would have missed the buck. Luck was on his side for sure.

Thanks to such an awesome trophy and an unforgettable shot, this is one hunting trip that Joey will remember for a lifetime.


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Huge Buck Taken on Public Hunting Land in Georgia