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Huge Boone and Crockett Whitetail Hammered by Roger Raglin [VIDEO]

This intense footage shows Roger Raglin bag a monster whitetail buck.

A Boone and Crockett buck is an amazing feat, but filming the whole hunt takes the accomplishment to an entirely new level. Roger Raglin is no stranger to outdoor success, but this video from CVA is extra special.

Check out a huge Boone and Crockett buck taken down on video.

If you think this was a high fence hunt, it was not.

CVA made a statement regarding the video which read, “We do not support or sponsor any shows that hunt high fence. Boone and Crockett deer are also all certified fair chase. Roger is an extremely successful hunter because of the hard work he puts into it.”

Roger harvested a buck that many won’t harvest in their entire lifetime.

The shot placement dropped the buck squarely in its tracks. If you look closely you can see the impact of the shot.

This video will certainly pump you up for deer season. Now it’s time to put the work in on your property, creating food plots or setting up game cameras, to reap the rewards this fall.

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Huge Boone and Crockett Whitetail Hammered by Roger Raglin [VIDEO]