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Huge Bass Attacks Topwater Frog Next to Boat [VIDEO]

Watch this massive bass destroy a topwater frog right next to the boat.

Every angler knows that the topwater bite is quite possibly one of the most, if not the most, intense experience in all of fishing. Topwater fishing is used the world over in fresh, salt, and brackish waters.

As far as bass fishing goes, this video may be the pinnacle. You read the title, you know it’s coming, but the tension is still so thick you can slice it with a knife.

On this day in Alabama, this guy shows up at an absolutely serene lake setting in his old jon boat and becomes a local and internet bass fishing legend.


In the last decade, topwater frog fishing has become one of the most popular and exhilarating techniques used by bass fisherman, especially in the South.

This special clip truly shows how far bass (big ones especially) will go out of their way to destroy the rubber menace racing across the surface. And to watch a fish of this size annihilate a frog moving that fast right next to the boat is truly unbelievable.

This moment is near the top of every bass angler’s bucket list.

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Huge Bass Attacks Topwater Frog Next to Boat [VIDEO]