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Huge Atlantic Sturgeon Discovered in CT Has Big Implications [VIDEO]

The find could mean that threatened Atlantic sturgeon are returning to the Connecticut River

Earlier this week, a massive Atlantic sturgeon washed up on the shores of the Connecticut River. State biologists say the find could mean that more of the threatened fish species are living in the river, reports

Atlantic sturgeon – a native species to the Connecticut River – have been overfished in the region. State biologists thought they were long gone from the river.

That was until a few days ago when seven-foot-long female Atlantic Sturgeon turned up on along a river bank in Lyme, Connecticut.

“This seven footer is the largest fish we’ve seen in the river yet,” said Tom Savoy, a biologist with the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Biologists aren’t sure how the fish died, and they’re wondering why it was swimming in the river. The 12-years-old sturgeon was carrying eggs at the time of its death, but it was too young to lay them. If the fish returned to the river to lay its eggs, it could mean that Atlantic sturgeon are making a comeback in the Connecticut River.

“That would be like finding the holy grail, finding evidence of that again,” Savoy said.

Watch this video report from FOXCT to learn more about the exciting discovery.

A few weeks ago, we reported a similar sturgeon discovery in Oklahoma. An angler who was fishing in the Arkansas River found several shovelnose sturgeon, a species that biologists have been looking for in the river for years.

Sturgeon have been around since the dinosaurs. Their bodies are covered with bony plates instead of scales. There are several species of sturgeon in the US, a number of which are considered endangered. federal government lists Atlantic sturgeon as an endangered species, while Connecticut has them listed as threatened.

Have you ever caught a sturgeon?

Featured image via FOXCT.COm/CT D.E.E.P/Inland Fisheries Department

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Huge Atlantic Sturgeon Discovered in CT Has Big Implications [VIDEO]