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Huge Anchovy School in California Baffles Scientists [VIDEO]

This huge anchovy school in La Jolla, California looked like an oil slick.

Take a look at this incredible video of a gigantic mass of Californian anchovy, uploaded to YouTube by Scripps Oceanography.

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The footage was captured near Scripps Pier at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, a division of UC San Diego. Staff and grad students created the video and said no one could recall seeing that many anchovy so close to shore in over 30 years, according to their official release.

Samples of the fish were collected for examination, mainly because of the rarity of the incident. To see more photos of the scene, go here.

For the most part, Californian (or Northern) anchovy stay 20 to 300 miles off the coast, but an anchovy school of this size isn't that uncommon.

Now then, who's hungry for pizza?

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Huge Anchovy School in California Baffles Scientists [VIDEO]