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Huge Alligator “Chubbs” Caught on Texas Golf Course

Gator Chris

Golfers in Houston may want to think twice before reaching in the water for that stray ball.

Until recently, the greens and water traps of the River Pointe Golf Club in Richmond were the home of Chubbs, a gator stretching 12 feet and weighing 600 pounds. And where there’s one giant alligator, there may be more.

Chubbs was captured on Wednesday by professional wrangler “Gator Chris” and his assistant Christy Kroboth, who have made a name for themselves in their native Houston for snaring the reptiles that wander too far into cities. Earlier this month, a video went viral showing the pair snaring another 12-foot alligator at a shopping center in the suburb of Sugar Land.

The wranglers gave their most recent catch his nickname from the 1996 comedy “Happy Gilmore.” In the movie, Chubbs Peterson is a golf instructor whose playing career was ended after his hand was bitten off by an alligator.

Fortunately, Chubbs the gator will be relocated to the wild, where he’ll be more comfortable and less likely to dismember a golfer in real life.

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Huge Alligator “Chubbs” Caught on Texas Golf Course