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Huge 800-Pound Black Marlin Disqualified From Record Books

Images via Facebook/byron.milne.1 

This Aussie would have had the black marlin Western Australia record…

An epic 800-pound black marlin has been caught off the coast of Western Australia. After having the weight officially certified, it came in just over 800 pounds.

The current standing record for Western Australia is only 652 pounds. Unfortunately, the giant fish has been disqualified because multiple people were involved reeling it in.


According to sources, Byron Milne was fishing on the Set the Hook, a chartered marlin boat, when he set hooks into a fish that would take three hours to reel in. However, after two hours of battling, Milne’s back gave out and his friends on the boat had to help him the rest of the way.


“I’ve never felt pain like that – cramps in my fingers, cramps in my hamstrings, my back was buggered,” Milne said in an interview. “The drag was locked full to the tightest setting it could go to on the heaviest gear you could possibly fish and I was standing fighting it with a harness and about two hours in my back gave way.”

That’s when the trouble started.

“I couldn’t stand, I was going to go in, and I knew that as soon as someone helped me the record was smashed but I couldn’t hack the pain,” he said.


After the record breaking marlin was brought alongside the boat, they did all they could, but the marlin had given everything it had during the battle and they were unable to revive it.

Records aren’t everything and at the very least, it will be an incredible story to share.



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Huge 800-Pound Black Marlin Disqualified From Record Books