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Huge 719-Pound Gator Shot With Crossbow in Florida [PICS]

All images via Lakeland Ledger

This giant nuisance gator was recently hunted in Florida.

Clark Woodsby of Lakeland, Florida helped take care of this 13-foot, 719-pound alligator that had become a nuisance for a landowner who lived south or Bartow.

Check out these images in the report from WTSP.

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“We called him in with an electronic call,” Woodsby told the Lakeland Ledger. “This gator heard it from across the lake, and it came bee-lining right toward me. When it got within about 20 yards, we turned the call off. I shot it with a crossbow right in the shoulder.”


“It was a monster, Woodsby was quoted as saying.


“It was technically 12 feet, 10 inches, but there was about 4 inches of tail missing because of a fight, according to the trapper I went with,” Woodsby said.


The Florida state record is 14 feet, 3 1/2 inches for the longest alligator, taken in Brevard County in 2010. The record for heaviest gator in Florida is 1,043 pounds, hunted on Orange Lake in 1989.


With help from fellow hunters, Woodsby spent an hour dragging the gator into a 14-foot jonboat.


Woodsby is a senior operating partner for Talk of the Town Restaurants, and plans to stuff and mount the gator for display in one of its restaurants.

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Huge 719-Pound Gator Shot With Crossbow in Florida [PICS]