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Huge 191-Inch Buck Shot in Wisconsin Proves This Will Be a Good Season [PICS]

All images via Legendary Whitetails

Check out this huge whitetail buck shot in Wisconsin this October.

Ross Weber shot an absolute giant Wisconsin whitetail buck near West Bend on Oct. 13, proving that this year is already shaping up as a good season.

weber buck 1

When a buck reaches this caliber, it often begins to get popular in the area due to being spotted on trail cameras.

However, Weber’s buck had been flying under the radar for a long time. In fact, this buck was a complete surprise. Weber didn’t know the buck existed until four days prior to when he brought the buck down.

After shooting the buck, someone reached out to him with a trail camera picture of the buck from two years before.

weber buck trail camera

Weber’s once-in-a-lifetime hunt unfolded quickly on Oct. 13. He saw the buck around 6:15 p.m. and let his arrow fly around 6:20 p.m. The buck came milling in eating acorns when a shot opportunity finally arrived at 40 yards.

The shot created a bit of ambiguity as he saw the deer run away with his tail in the air and was concerned about the shot placement.

ftd weber buck

He got down from the stand and noticed there was bright red blood on his arrow, which is a good sign of fatal shot. He backed out of the area and called his friend.

After waiting three hours and about 300 yards later, he recovered his giant buck.

The inside spread is 17 3/8 inches. Gross green totals in at 183 7/8 inches, net score is 167 6/8 inches if scored as a typical. If scored as a non-typical, his gross score would be 191 2/8 inches, net score 174 7/8 inches.

weber buck 2

The current Washington County, Wisconsin record for a typical taken with a bow is 170 6/8 net inches. The second largest buck scored in at 166 6/8 inches.

After the 60-day shrinking period, Weber’s buck will likely be the second biggest typical whitetail deer ever taken in Washington County with a bow.

All images via Legendary Whitetails

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Huge 191-Inch Buck Shot in Wisconsin Proves This Will Be a Good Season [PICS]