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Huge 12-Foot Thresher Shark Caught off California Coast

San Jose Mercury News

This massive thresher shark in these photos was caught off the shores of Santa Cruz County in California.

In a fight that lasted nearly three hours, two fishing buddies from Milpitas, California managed to land a 12-foot long thresher shark. The two men, Dave Woodward and Gil Higbee, were fishing from an 18.5-foot long boat when the shark took the white mackerel they were using as bait.

Woodward piloted the boat as Higbee did his best to reel in the huge thresher shark on the other end of the line. The shark, which was estimated to weigh in the 300-pound range, leapt completely out of the water three times during the fight.

thresher shark
San Jose Mercury News

Higbee feared that the 50-pound test monofilament fishing line would snap during the fight against the toothy ocean predator, but luckily the line held and the shark was successfully landed.

“It was breathtaking, a moment of total excitement and thankfulness that we landed the fish,” Higbee told the San Jose Mercury News.

The thresher shark is favored for the taste of its meat and the shark in the photos is waiting in a freezer to be cooked and eaten. After a fight like that, the anglers definitely deserve a hearty meal or two!


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Huge 12-Foot Thresher Shark Caught off California Coast