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Huge 10-pound Speckled Trout Caught in Louisiana

Images via Louisiana Sportsman

This giant speckled trout just missed the top 10 in Louisiana history. 

In a fishing trip that was almost canceled due to a massive cold front to the Louisiana area, a wade fisherman from Texas turned this his fortune into one of the greatest fishing days of his life.

Not only did this angler catch several other big speckled trout, but he caught a monster that ranks as one of the biggest specks of all time for Louisiana.

Peter Landry had a tripped booked to Calcasieu Lake, Louisiana for some time. Cold weather threatened the odds of the trip being enjoyable. However, like all good fisherman, he decided to make the best out of the situation and hit the water no matter what.

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“They actually wanted to cancel the trip because of the cold front,” said Capt. Jared Adams, Landry’s guide. “I asked them if they wanted to catch a bunch of trout or big trout. I told them with that front coming through the pressure would be down, and that’s when the big trout feed.”

Just as Adams had predicted, big trout were certainly available. Several big fish over six pounds later, and they were just starting to feel lucky.

“I had just missed one on a Fat Boy, and it came to the top and jumped,” Adams said, owner of Adams Trophy Charters. “It was probably 9 pounds. I just pulled the treble hooks because I didn’t realize I had a redfish reel on and I had the drag buried.”

Then, according to the report, this is when the big speckled trout hit.

“It came to the top, and Landry said, ‘I have a redfish,’” report Adams. “I said, ‘No you don’t. That’s a huge trout.’ That’s when he got excited.”

Five minutes later, Landry’s giant trout was in the net, but not without problems. His 30 1/2-inch trout barely even fit in the net.

This just goes to show you that when you are fishing, you never really know what will happen.


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Huge 10-pound Speckled Trout Caught in Louisiana