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Hudson Meats: Where Texas Game Meets Germany Style

Hudson Meats does Texas wild game processing right.

We are all in agreement that hunting is the best part of hunting.

But the second best part might be enjoying all the meals that follow with friends and family. We can’t always do the entire job ourselves, so we look to quality game processors to help.

Hudson Meats in Austin, Texas has been in business for a long time. With a description such as “Hill Country German,” it’s hard to go wrong.

Established in 1969, their facility is USDA-inspected and approved, and is characterized by its German-style butchering.

They make the best bacon-wrapped chopped steaks. Summer sausages, links and snack sticks are made there too. Of course, there’s a wide array of jerky as well.

Hunters and others come away from Hudson Meats with quality processed meats that taste incredible without overdoing extra flavors.

Like most seasonal processors, they process meats November through January.

They’ve helped other local Austin eateries by supplying wild game and exotic meats, making them one of the more reliable sources in the capital city of Texas.

And get this: they deliver. Click here for a list of their mail-order products.

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Hudson Meats: Where Texas Game Meets Germany Style