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How Would You Like a Pet Squirrel?

pet squirrel
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When you’re trying to hunt, they can be quite annoying, but after watching this video, you may be ready to go out and adopt a pet squirrel.

Whether you’ve been out hunting or just walking through the woods or park, you’ve come across a squirrel or two. But, have you ever considered that a pet squirrel could be just what your life is missing?

Take a look at this video below of Tin Tin the Squirrel from the Facebook page of Awesome Animal Rescues. You’ll see exactly what I mean.

A pet squirrel would open up a world of possibilities: gathering nuts from trees, some amazing tricks to show off for your friends… heck, you might even be able to train him to scout for deer for you.

(While we at Wide Open Spaces do maintain that this is a really cool idea, we cannot condone actively going out and searching for a pet squirrel. They are wild animals and should be left in their natural habitat if at all possible).

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How Would You Like a Pet Squirrel?