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How Would You Fare in a 100-Yard Archery Egg Challenge?

Someone challenged these guys to an 80-yard archery egg challenge and they said, "Why not make it 100 yards!"

In case you don't know, an archery egg challenge is when you try break an egg with your arrow. Obviously, doing so from 100 yards is no easy feat to accomplish.

Watch the video to see if these hunters can get it done or if they let their mouths' write a check that their bows can't cash.

That archery egg challenge looked like a lot of fun. Whether it's balloons, eggs, or clay pigeons, shooting reactive targets makes archery practice more fun.

Shooting with your buddies is another great way to spice up your practice sessions and a little friendly competition will help simulate the pressure you'll feel when it's a trophy buck or bull behind your bow sight.

No matter how you choose to practice, don't wait until the week before archery season to pull your bow from its case. Start shooting now and you'll be dialed in by the time fall hunting seasons roll around.


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How Would You Fare in a 100-Yard Archery Egg Challenge?