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How Tough is Bulletproof Glass in Reality?

Is bulletproof glass actually tough enough to work?

Taofledermaus is taking on this question with a great test.

Watch and see for yourself if bulletproof glass can actually live up to its name.

Level III bullet resistant glass tested in this video is rated up to .44 Magnum. What will it stop in a real test using real bullets?

This test fired .22 long rifle cartridges out of a pistol through the powerful 10mm handgun cartridge, this glass stopped all the bullets cold. A shotgun slug bowed the glass, but did not penetrate it. When a .308 caliber rifle was used the glass had no chance, but let that big bullet on through.

These armored windows commonly found in such places as banks hold up to their name of being bulletfproof to their rating.



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How Tough is Bulletproof Glass in Reality?