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How to Use a Jighead with Spiral Rig for Saltwater

“How to” videos are all over the place, but in some aspects there are not enough of them. Darcie Arahill with Lucky Tackle Box does a great job of not just talking about how to use a jighead with a spiral rig. She goes in depth with targeting, rigging and retrieval.

Darcie goes in depth on this particular rig. If you are fishing in saltwater areas, the Intruder Swim Bait Head from Black Angel Lures may be up your alley. It comes in six colors and is great for snook, tarpon, redfish and more.

Not all lures are created equal. Some are very obvious what it’s for and how to use it. Other lures require a bit more investigation. Darcie gives you that investigation in this video.

The folks at Lucky Tackle Box hit the nail on the head with this video. The covered everything about this lure. Beginners learned how to rig it while more knowledgeable anglers were able to learn a bit about targeting and retrieval.

Looking for some weedless options in your saltwater fishing? Well, the Intruder is just for you. There aren’t alot of options for weedless in saltwater arenas, but this lure can be rigged weedless and works great around docks and in other easily snagged areas like mangroves.

Head on down to the local tackle shop and pick some up. Then, let us know about your luck with the Intruder.



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How to Use a Jighead with Spiral Rig for Saltwater