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How to Turn Your Yard into an Outdoor Summer Movie Theater [PICS]

All images via Imgur

The best thing about summer is being outside. Even when watching movies!

This family turned their yard into an outdoor movie theater. This would be an awesome summer project and it doesn’t look that expensive or difficult. Who needs a movie in the park when you have the privacy of your own backyard!

Here’s what they did.

First they dug a 15-foot shallow pit for the beach and fire pit.


Then they put a small drain in case it rained.


To build a fire pit, they used stones.

They then put a weed barrier over the pit so plants wouldn’t come through and to keep the bugs and pests at bay.

movie5 And filled the pit with fine sand.


They then set up posts in concrete for hammocks along the back of the sand pit and set up lawn chairs for movie theater seats.

Then they built the movie screen out of 1/2-inch PVC pipe. The dimensions are 8 feet by 10 feet.

You can then buy a tarp for projections here and a projector here.


Look at this setup!

Better than any park outdoor movie…


What a great outdoor summer project! This is something the whole family can enjoy after a full day out fishing on the lake.

Summer is upon us!

All images via Imgur.

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How to Turn Your Yard into an Outdoor Summer Movie Theater [PICS]