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How to Travel on Public Lands for Better Hunts

Public land hunting can be difficult. These tips on how to travel public lands may lead to more success.

Public land holds many challenges that private land hunts don't. Therefore, it is crucial that you pay attention to details and minimize things that could cost you.

Motorized or non-motorized areas? Randy Newburg gives a few tips on how to travel on public land and what he recommends from his experiences on Meat Eater's video.

All public lands are different, but overall, these tips can only help you have better chances of filling that tag when you hunt public ground.

Boat, raft, bike, foot, ATV, llama, truck, or horse. The list goes on and on for possible ways to access your hunting spots.

The secret to public land is often getting where others aren't. So, sometimes you have to get there the way others aren't. Use maps and make a plan of how to reach your destinations with creeks, trails, and whatever else you find.

Best of luck this season, and hopefully this video, helps you think of something you hadn't thought of in the past.

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How to Travel on Public Lands for Better Hunts